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From silence

This report is intended to be a sensory journey to understand what it means to be unable to listen or to do through hearing aids, such as Andrea, is hypoacoustic, being through hearing aids that amplify sounds. When they’re taken away their world becomes a grayscale. Aida practices yoga almost every day despite not having […]

Living on the street | Surviving prejudice

Living on the street is not living. It is surviving. Who does it is not because they want to, it is because life goes around like clockwork and you never know what is going to happen: a family problem, an accident, a job dismissal… The casuistries are multiple, and it can happen very high to […]

Ictus: Relearning and keep going

Stroke is the first cause of death among women and the second among men. Therefore, the response against the disease must be rapid and effective. Despite being the second cause of death in the world, there are also survivors who, beyond giving up, have adapted and have started a new life, full of challenges and […]

Evictions: Beyond poverty

Just in the province of Barcelona, in 2021, there have been 19 evictions per day, the majority responding to non-payment of rent. But what is behind it all? People. Families. Being homeless, for whatever reason, is painful, but when the courts and even the Mossos d’Esquadra riot squad come into play, a more acute mental […]

Casa África: Day by day under eviction threats

Casa Africa is a self-managed building occupied by more than twenty people, all of them from different African countries. Some of its members have papers. Others don’t. Most work in delivery companies such as Glovo and take Spanish and/or Catalan courses to integrate into society. In the building they cook, tidy up, watch TV and […]

Casa África: Neighbouring solidarity and institutional silence

After being able to stop the last eviction attempt by judicial means, the negotiations between the parties involved are still open. This forces Casa Africa to make itself known and raise its voice. Make themselves heard. Knowing that they could be kicked out at any moment, the people who live in the building decide to […]

Anti-racist education to promote change

The Escuelita Antirracista continues its fight through talks and visits where parents and children meet the Mujeres Migrasol and the Sindicato de Manteros and its well-known Top Manta brand.

Metzineres: Empowerment as a tool of social change

During the first edition of Disseny per a la Inclusió, the Metzineres del Raval association and some design students from BAU and ELISAVA meet every Friday from February to June 2021 to design fashion pieces through upcycling, or clothing recycling.

Differently equals

The Grup TEB Cooperativa is an association that promotes the employment of those with a cognitive disability. Disseny per a la Inclusió together with TEB Sant Andreu with design students from ESDAP Catalunya on the occasion of a co-creative project.

La Caracola, a self-managed space in the heart of Raval, Barcelona

The space, located in the Raval, has given shelter to numerous families and migrants in situations of extreme vulnerability. During the pandemic, it has been a nerve center for help and mutual support in the neighborhood