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Under the motto “the process as a result” of Disseny per a la Inclusió, the project by Metzineres, and students from BAU and ELISAVA is precisely the process what leaves a mark on participants the most. n this case, a fashion collection is developed using the ecological technique of upcycling.

Metzineres is an association for women living in the Raval neighborhood who are surviving various forms of violence. Drug use and homelessness are some of the consequences of these violences. This group accompanies them on the way to get rid of these complications. In the Juan A. Benítez agora, some of the Metzineres and a few fashion and graphic design students from BAU and ELISAVA meet to give a second life to clothing donations that reach this group.

This project has been tutored by Bruna Sedó, illustrator and fashion designer of the renowned brand Lurdes Bergada & Syngman Cucala.

The co-creation sessions go through undoing pieces, cutting them and fraying them, dyeing and fading them, turning them and re-stitching them. The objective of these sessions is that all the participants, whether they have knowledge of fashion or not, can intervene in the modeling and clothing process, applying the most appropriate technique to represent their individual identity. During the sessions, the oral and knowledge dialogue ends up causing the prejudices and stigmas that one and the other had to blur. This security created in that space-time makes them feel free to express themselves and design without restrictions.

“From precariousness, creativity takes maximum expressiveness”

– Aura Roig, director of Metzineres

As the days go by, the fashion pieces take on forms that, unconsciously, are totally related to the stories and experiences of the models, so that each style is personalized, but they all have a material and conceptual link.

Group cohesion and bonds grow stronger as the weeks progress, until the day of the final catwalk and photo shoot, which explodes in a fusion of emotions and euphoria. This result has been possible thanks to the perseverance and enthusiasm maintained by the participants at all times. In that photo session, the make-up is done by Koral, a member of Metzineres, also the protagonist of that day, along with the others. The same thing happened with the hairdresser: everyone intervened and helped each other for the common good.

“I don’t think that design can put its feet on the ground and work with people, but it has to”

Clara Salmerón
Graphic design student at ELISAVA

“That they count on us, that they place their trust on us… That, at a self-esteem level, is incredible”

Metzineres user
Hannah Adib

Graphic design student at ELISAVA

Angie Arca

Interior design student at BAU

Inés Cucalón

Product design student at ELISAVA

Glòria Deumal

Designer and teacher at BAU

Danae Esparza

Head of Studies from Design Degree at ELISAVA

Manuel Mateos

Fashion design student at BAU

Estel Oliver

Fashion design student at BAU

Judith Pinyol

Multidisciplinary design student at BAU

Clara Salmerón

Graphic design student at ELISAVA

Marc Sánchez

Fashion design student at BAU

Bruna Sedó

Fashion designer and project tutor

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