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TEB Barceloneta

The social isolation derived from the prevention of COVID-19, has especially affected some groups such as people with intellectual diversity. Ignorance of the situation of these people is the main cause of discrimination they face. With the aim of promoting social inclusion, this project, which belongs to Disseny per a la Inclusió, aims to highlight the creative sensitivity of people with different cognitive impairments through design.

Only 30% of people with intellectual diversity have High School studies*

*Data extracted from: Federació Dincat Plena Inclusió

Grup Cooperatiu TEB, born in 1974 in the Barceloneta neighborhood, has the mission of achieving an inclusive life for people with intellectual diversity, in addition to being a support for their families. Among other actions, they generate opportunities that promote integration into the job market and offer different activities to people with a higher degree of cognitive impairment and who reside in their home network.

“I would like the neighbors to know me, I would like to. I’d love to”

– Gerónimo Narbona, TEB Barceloneta user

Although they have been in the neighborhood for many years, users of the TEB Barceloneta have the feeling that they are not known, which is why it is proposed that graphic, audiovisual and interaction design students from the design schools BAU, ELISAVA, l’IDEM and UOC jointly create an interactive communication campaign to make themselves known and thus give a voice to people with different cognitive impairments. A project supervised by David Torrents, a graphic designer with extensive experience and a career as a poster designer, Jacqueline Molnár, an illustrator and nominee for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2020, and Enric Mor, a professor and researcher at the UOC.

Thanks to the close connection between TEB users and students, participation has been very high and they have been able to work easily with what each other offered. The techniques used have been photography, drawing and stop motion. They present the project with posters starring the components of the TEB and an audiovisual advertisement that promotes the activities and function of the group in the neighborhood, giving a voice to the people and to the entity with its great humanitarian task. The graphic link that connects the works is the same accent that distinguishes them from one another: the pose in the photograph, the chosen colors, the composition and the details highlight each individual poster and are incorporated into the whole, just as they want to be recognized in the world.

These posters, printed on large-format canvas, cover the façade of TEB Barceloneta. They also hang pennants from some neighborhood balconies with a sentence that interpellate pedestrians. The day the posters are hung, some postcards are distributed to common people in which the intention of the project is explained and they are presented again. The very gesture of distributing the postcards is a first approach to the people who live in the neighborhood, so that their desire to be greeted and to expand the circle is fulfilled in the launch of the project. After a few days of having their balconies full of posters, some neighbors have responded with similar posters that greet them and answer the question “What’s your name?”.

The entire process of this project is embodied and explained in detail on a website designed together. In holadiversitat.org the resources used and the dynamics undertaken in each session are explained.

We have prejudged a group that, quite simply, surpasses us in many things”

David Torrents
Graphic designer and project tutor

“I had never considered what design is, now I have seen that it is everything”

Alba Jiménez
Psychologist at TEB Barceloneta
Eva Aguilar

TEB Barceloneta user

Carles Anoro

TEB Barceloneta user

Noemí Baraza

TEB Barceloneta user

Paqui Barea

TEB Barceloneta user

Francisco Bautista

TEB Barceloneta user

Estela Bazan

TEB Barceloneta user

Miriam Cañas Risques

Graphic design student at BAU

Angelines Carreras

TEB Barceloneta user

Glòria Deumal

Designer and teacher at BAU

Irene Domínguez Salvador

Graphic design student at ELISAVA

Clara Duart

Graphic design student at BAU

Danae Esparza

Head of Studies Design Degree at ELISAVA

Anna Fañanas Dies

Graphic design student at BAU

Alba Farré

Graphic and audiovisual design student at IDEM

Pablo García

Academic coordinator at IDEM

Tomás Izquierdo

TEB Barceloneta user

Enrique Martí

TEB Barceloneta user

Júlia Martínez

TEB Barceloneta user

Sílvia May

Graphic design student at UOC

Anna Molinet

Graphic design student at UOC

Jacqueline Molnar

Illustrator and project tutor

Enric Mor

Researcher at UOC and project tutor

Gerónimo Narbona

TEB Barceloneta user

Salvador Ollé

TEB Barceloneta user

Rubén Oses

Graphic and audiovisual design student at IDEM

Manolo Rodríguez

TEB Barceloneta user

Marina Sanchís

Social educator at TEB Barceloneta

Pol Soriano

Audiovisual design at BAU

Patricia Teixeira Izuzquiza

Interaction design student at ELISAVA

David Torrents

Graphic desginer and project tutor

Arnau Zamora

Social educator at TEB Barceloneta

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