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A team of about five volunteers, most of them Syrians, contribute to the direction and management of the community. They organize the tasks that each resident must perform on a compulsory basis, they take charge of the legal advice of the tenants, and manage the help that comes from other volunteers.

The 5th School Squat is a center that welcomes refugees and entire families who arrive in the Greek capital unprotected and without an asylum permit. Currently, about 240 people live together. This is a video about your organization in a time of uncertainty. Squats like the 5th School are a guarantee of at least having a roof over your head.

Every day most families get up around 12 noon. Adult men and women perform routine tasks consisting of organizing, guarding, and cleaning the building. The young people also participate in the activities guided by the volunteers and help in everything that is asked of them to guarantee the proper functioning of the community.

At mealtime, everyone gathers neatly waiting to receive their portion, distributed efficiently by the volunteers. After that everything remains the same. This routine has been affected in recent months due to a cut in the water supply.

The more than 200 occupants of this building have to survive without running water, which greatly worsens their position and their quality of life.

To manage this new extreme situation, the refugees have had to organize themselves and adapt to a much more unstable and uncomfortable routine. But it’s not about comfort anymore, it’s about survival. The residents of the 5th School must move every day to find designated places or other squats where they can shower, wash or get drinking water.

The main objective of the video is to disseminate how refugees manage themselves in a time of uncertainty and with the right wing, governments and the streets of Athens and Europe in general are stalked.

The 5th School is located in the center of the historic neighborhood of Exarchia, known for its anarchism, which gives them a certain social and political security, although at the same time they approach the context of drug addiction, crime and mafias that seek to extort refugees. For this reason, we believe it is important to make them see that the 5th School is more than a transit space, promoting the idea of a large family and community life.

Clara Cadena


Miriam Garcia

Drama Art student at Eòlia

Xavi Longás

Audiovisual Communication student at Blanquerna

Xesco Palacín

Drama Art student at Eòlia

Maria Rabella

Audiovisual Communication student at Blanquerna

Àlex Rodríguez

Drama Art student at Eòlia

Ainoa Santiago

Drama Art student at Eòlia

Neus Soler

Drama Art student at Eòlia

Paul Vilà

Audiovisual Communication student at Blanquerna

Original idea and Direction

Alicia Verdés, Anaïs Esmerado i Xavi Llongás


Xavier Llongás

Students of Journalism and Audiovisual Communication of the Ramon Llull University, students of Dramatic Art of ESAD Eòlia

Xavier Longás, Paul Vilà, Andrea López, Clara Cadena, Xesco, Neus, Àlex, Miriam, Ainoa, Maria Rabella, Maria d’Oultremont.

A special thanks to

Velos, 5th School, Projecte Humanitat, Melissa, Castro Dakdouk, Samir, Joan Reverté, Mustaffa, Helena, Judith Colell.

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