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We believe in shared social responsibility, for that, we work to establish synergies between the different actors involved in the world we live on.

We reeducate companies to have a greater social impact, we help companies to have a greater social commitment, both to the environment and to people who are vulnerable.

We bring creativity and design closer to public institutions and social entities, through co-creation workshops, we promote citizen participation and awareness of various social realities. Using different creative methodologies, we promote social innovation. We extend the social transformation.

We have a large experience as University teachers; we have social outreach, conferences, workshops and master classes on how creativity can be a tool of social transformation. We teach regularly in different schools and universities in design, audiovisual communication and performing arts in Spain.

We offer Community work among High School pupils in creative and collective areas in a situation of vulnerability with the aim of generating a transformation from action through co-creation proposals. We form multidisciplinary groups that develop creative projects that include: Training, fieldwork, local and international cooperation with the emphasis on the personal, social and professional transformation that occurs during the work process. A positive return experience for both the collective with which you work and the pupils. Let us investigate social problems with the aim of making them known and reflecting on them in various formats such as audiovisual parts, talks, articles, conferences and multidisciplinary workshops.
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If you want us to help you rethink the social value of your project or you're interested in creating a greater impact, taking interactive actions...

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    Born into a traditional, military family in Beijing,
    Guanyu’s parents expected him.


    Born into a traditional, military family in Beijing,
    Guanyu’s parents expected him.